I first heard of Zlatica Hujbertová a few weeks ago when she featured her current collection at Slovak Fashion Night.  Although several other talented designers showed that night, her “homeless chic” garb as I like to call it was beyond impressive.  Here’s a little rundown on my new favorite designer.

So how did Zlatica get started?

Hujbertova grew up in Pezinok, a small winery town near Bratislava, but the picturesque landscape you are probably imaging in so way reflects her struggle to survive as an artist. As a young girl, Zlatica dreamed of becoming a painter or graphic artist but because her family was poor, she was rarely able to wear clothes from the local shops.

By realizing what clothes she didn’t like wearing, she discovered that she wanted to make clothes that she would want to wear. When Zlatica turned seven, she studied art at a school in Pezinok, followed by four years at a school specializing in textile design.  Another six years of design study at the Academy of Fine arts and Design in Bratislava completed her extensive fashion education.

Where did she get inspiration for her latest collection?

She found inspiration in Bratislava architecture, tradition, culture, and art.  The homeless look of her designs not only reflects poor people but also pays tribute to the old city of Bratislava.  Color and fabric play an integral role in her design aesthetic.  Many of her runway looks feature contrasting fabrics like silk and knit layered over each other and adorned with intricate detailing and downplayed embellishments.

Want to know her main reason for designing? She believes that while everyone in the world suffers during his or her lifetime, fashion serves as an artistic medium in which a story must be told.

To view one of Zlatica’s live Runway shows, click here.


Official Photos Courtesy of Zlatica Hujbertova

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