In an age where technology reigns supreme over all media outlets, looking for deals on Facebook and Twitter are useful methods for helping you score the best travel deals around. Setting up email alerts is one way to discover deals right away.  You can even set them for daily, weekly, or instant delivery into your inbox.

Ann Lombardi, a travel agent of the Trip Chicks identifies Twitter as the most influential social resource for finding valued prices on vacation packages.  She suggests finding valued companies to follow on Twitter using  Among popular Twitter handles to follow are @rickseaney and @airfarewatchdog.  Another option is to tweet @flyfrom followed by the airport code (example: @flyfromatl).

Facebook and Twitter are also useful sources to voice complains, questions and concerns.  Companies respond faster to tweeted complaints because they won’t want a negative comment visible to thousands of other followers. Delta is one of several airlines that have created specific Twitter handles just for complaints (@deltaassist).

The thing to remember about social travel deals is that they are time sensitive.  They often require quick action and are limited to a specific number of offers.  If a deal is too good to pass up, make sure you act fast and snag it before it’s gone.


Image via kokorowashinjin‘s flickr stream