(article from Megan’s Travel Column, Weekly Wanders on Life2PointOh)

If you are young, carefree and unattached, traveling means more than tourist attractions and foreign cuisine. There’s probably going to be some partying involved. Whether you’re traveling with your friends, family or boyfriend, here are a few tips for making the most out of your trip without breaking the bank.

Stay at a Hostel: This may seem like a no-brainer to an avid traveler but I have friends who are completely creeped out by the idea of hostels. Either they’ve never actually stayed at one or they are simply terrified catching bed bugs (This has not happened to me yet…knock on wood). With a rise in travel among 20-somethings, hostels are going into overdrive to make themselves more appealing to travelers, meaning you have some decent options to choose from.

Another reason I recommend hostels is because you won’t get your money’s worth by staying at a swanky hotel if you plan on using your bed simply to crash at the end of the night. Your odds for meeting other travel buds are much higher at a hostel and the money you save will make you smile once you look at your credit card statement post trip.

Hit up the Local Bars: For those of you who live in a big city like New York, do you ever actually go to the touristy bars in midtown? I definitely don’t and one reason is because A) yes there are tourists and B) drinks are clearly overpriced and watered-down. Instead, hit up the regular bars in the area and drink cheaply while meeting locals at the same time.

If you aren’t sure where exactly to go, ask one of the hostel employees or if you’ve opted for a hotel, the concierge will definitely have a few recommendations. If all else fails, go on YELP and look up local spots in the area and narrow down your options from there. The ratings won’t be completely accurate, but it gives you a starting point.

Wait for the Men to Flock: This may sound strange to the non-city dweller, but most big cities have a ton of club promoters and don’t be surprised when they literally appear out of nowhere. In Miami and other tropical destinations, they approach you on the beach.

I remember one time when I was sitting on a rock in Meatpacking minding my own business when all of a sudden a promoter asked me if I wanted a free dinner. If you are a guy, better luck next time but as a 20-something girl traveling abroad, this will save you countless dollars. Plus, it’s one way to explore the nightlife scene in the city all while getting some major VIP treatment.

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