Although Bohemian Trails has been up and running for just over seven months, in the grand sceme of things, I’m still a newby travel writer. I learn new things about the industry every day. This month, it was tourism boards galore.

For example, it was only a few months ago that I learned about VEMEX (Visit Europe Media Exchange). So despite emailing the director of the event weeks after registration had closed, she managed to make an exception for me and added me to the list of journalists in attendance.

My trip to Midtown (which I generally avoid at all costs) was miserable due to a massive rain storm but luckily this allowed me to meet with more tourism boards since other journalists were delayed by the weather. Overall, VEMEX was a great experience for me and I was able to spread the word about Bohemian Trails to whoever cared to listen. Since then, I’ve attended several Tourism Board parties which I wanted to share with everyone.

Holland Tourism: It’s been about three years since my brief trip to Holland, but I have nothing but amazing memories of this country. During my semester studying in London, some friends and I decided to join a group tour which also happened to be budget friendly. Part of saving money meant not staying in Amsterdam but instead heading to Monnickendam, which is a small and often overlooked city among tourists. It was nice to spend time in both the lively and cultural Amsterdam and the quiet and traditional Monickendam. For the party, artists drew pictures of famous monuments in Holland, including the one in the picture below. Guests (myself definitely included) went crazy over the traditional hors d’oeuvres and mini desserts.

Berlin Tourism: Berlin has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching videos about the art scene or because several of my friends have visited in the last few months, but something about this global city fascinates me. Their holiday party was held at Soho House and they really did a great job with decorations. There was a beautiful Christmas tree, a delicious dinner and of course chocolate cake and Christmas cookies with sprinkles. Who could ask for more! Except there was more. The equivalent to Kristin Chenoweth in Germany performed several songs including a famous one from my personal icon Édith Piaf. Some of my local travel buddies like Jessie on a Journey, europcheapo and EuropeUpClose also shared in the Berlin fun that night.

Indonesia Tourism: Indonesia came to town during Marathon Weekend in New York and chose the former space of Tavern on the Green as the location for their press breakfast. Journalists helped themselves to traditional food and delicious fruit from Indonesia as we watched one two different dance performances (one is below). After their presentation on the many islands of the country, there was a little quiz and I managed to win a prize! The question had to do with their new slogan “Wonderful Indonesia” which I had already discovered since I was already tweeting to that handle. I am really hoping to make it to Bali and some of the less known islands this year.

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