It’s hard not to think about romance when you are in Europe. Cobble stoned streets, ice cream at every corner and more flower vendors than you probably care to count, European cities almost seem like they were specifically designed for fairy tales. Now, despite the fact that I’ve never flown across the globe for the sole purpose of attaining a higher degree in romance, I did put together a list of the 5 cities I would like to re-visit with a beaux.


Paris: While this may be an obvious choice, Paris continues to reign supreme over romantic European cities. No matter where your Chanel boots take you, chances are it will somehow revolve around love. I’ve only visited Paris during the cold winter months but I would imagine a summer getaway filled with flower filled gardens and outdoor wine drinking would make you fall in love with just about anyone.

Sevilla: While Barcelona and Madrid are known for attracting couples, I’ve never been to either city so they didn’t make the list. Sevilla, however, stole my heart and has yet to let it go. The southern Spanish city has the perfect combination of old and new. The Alcázar Palace still remains one of the most beautiful and romantic spots I have ever visited. Whether solo or deep in love, Sevilla is definitely worth a stop.

Zurich: I’m not sure what was going on in Zurich the weekend I was there but literally everyone was coupled up. This was especially noticeable because I happened to be in Zurich with my Mother so there was certainly no romance in the air. I often give Zurich the nickname of “Cinderella land” because everything about this city screams beauty: the people, the weather, the architecture and of course the lake. One of my favorite views of all times was atop the Ferris Wheel in the city center. Unfortunately I had to ride solo, as my mother is afraid of heights. Regardless, this city is definitely worth visiting even if you are sans boy.

Venice: ahhh Venice. We all know how much I love this city and I’m not the only one. Thousands of newlyweds head for the canals to celebrate a hopefully long marriage. Despite laughing at my gondelier’s atttempt at a melodious singing voice, I must admit that if I had been with a boyfriend rather than two other girls my age, things might have been different. There is something magical about a midnight tour through the canals and listening to a singing man in a striped shirt.

Rome: Perhaps I’m biased but I had to include another Italian city on my list. Beside the obvious historical significance of Rome, the phrase “Ciao Bella” is heard more than a polite “hello, how are you.” You can’t fault these Italian boys though. Maybe they just know what the want and aren’t afraid to speak up about it. Whatever the reason, if you a female and seeking a brief romance, I suggest heading straight to Roma. I’m not sure if I had attempted to speak in Italian one night but all I remember is having about 12 boys chasing me across the street. Odd, but still slightly boosting to my ego.

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