It’s hard to describe in words just how inspired I felt during my recent trip to Norway. Surrounded by varying landscapes in every direction, clear air and refreshing sounds of nature, my mind and body fell effortlessly into a bohemian balace as I made my way along the Norwegian fjords. Here are a few photo highlights that needed little or no editing.

A sunny welcome from Kristiansund 

The roaring Rauma – taken in Åndalsnes

Geiranger in all its glory

Don’t go chasing the ‘Seven Sisters’ Waterfall

My morning Fjord Safari ride in Geiranger

Making a photo stop in Dalsnibba, the mountain at the foot of the Geiranger Valley

The power of shadows – taken near Stryn/Loen

A silent and strong reflection in Styrn/Loen

The view from my ferry cruise from  Kaupanger to Gudvangen

Stopping through the tiny Goat Cheese farm and village of Undredal 

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