Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a fascination for antiques and all things vintage. Instead of collecting Lisa Frank stickers (remember those, fellow 90’s kids?) I’d scavenge around my grandmother’s New York home for skeleton keys. She had so many and with each new discovery, my collection grew and grew over the years.

In my tweens and early teens, my focus shifted from my key collection to my appreciation for flea markets. My dad and I would go to a flea or two just about every weekend. One of my favorite finds was this ivory-colored Freudian couch (I was a psychology major so…) that I kept with me for my first three years in New York. Unfortunately, I’ve moved way more times than I care to admit, so eventually, I had to give it away.

So, when my husband and I purchased a home in the Santa Cruz Mountains late last year, I was beyond thrilled to start investing in furniture and decor I loved and wouldn’t have to part with right away.

Sprucing up My Mountain Home with TRI Vintage and Wares

Enter TRI Vintage and WaresTRI, which stands for The Restoration Initiative, is a brand founded by Jordan and Liz Lewis. Based in Lafayette, Colorado, the two dreamed of building a meaningful and unique business that blended their passion for socially conscious consumerism with their love of all things local.

All the while, they’re funding and sponsoring homes for at-risk youth in India. That’s right, with every purchase, you’re helping those in need.

Use code ‘bohotrails’ for 20% off your TRI order!

TRI Vintage and Wares

As a world traveler myself, I had a field day so to speak sifting through their wares. So many of the items remind me of past adventures, which bring memories to the surface of my mind. I also love that they’re partnering with local artisans from all over the world, thus empowering these people to advance their craft.

The biggest surprise I had while browsing the site is the price point. After receiving several of the products and displaying them throughout my home, I’ve found the quality much higher than I expected.

affordable vintage vase

For our home, I opted for TRI’s handmade ceramic ring cone and jewelry dish. That’s right, I couldn’t choose one so I ordered them both. At $12 each, it’s a steal. I’ll be using the dish as decor and will keep the cone near my vanity.

affordable vintage home decor

Since I tend to wear a lot of black—you can blame my seven years of living in New York for that—I always like to add a pop of color to my outfits. This modern, art-inspired collar necklace is one of my absolute favorite pieces because it shows such craftsmanship. It’s made of brass, with silk threads and is made by artisans in India.

affordable vintage jewelry

I’ve always been one for statement jewelry, which is probably why I adore this Camel Bone and Brass Cuff (also pictured is the layered brass and tassel necklace). It’s chic, playful and instantly adds a wow-factor to any look. With summer coming, I’ll be wearing this cuff with all sorts of dresses. 

where to buy unique and affordable necklaces

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for me, feathers symbolize the gift of flight (my super power of choice) and freedom. TRI’s brass feather ring is adjustable but it actually fits perfectly so I haven’t needed to change a thing. I’ve been wearing it solo but am considering stacking it with some other brass rings for a bolder look.

Use code ‘bohotrails’ for 20% off your TRI order!

antique feather ring

What’s your favorite decor style? Tell me in the comments below!

This post is in collaboration with TRI Vintage + Wares. All opinions are my own.

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