With the spring weather in full bloom, it’s likely time to start planning that well-deserved trip. Whether you’re headed there for business or pleasure or both (like me!) these 5 smart and stylish products will up your packing game. From handheld portable wifi hotspots to a suitcase that acts like your travel assistant, these items won’t let you down.

Top travel products for digital nomads

TEP wireless hotspot

Say hello to my latest obsession: Tep Wireless. Despite being in the blogging game for nearly 6 years now, I didn’t get a portable hotspot until one month ago. As someone who travels for a living and is abroad almost as much as she is home, this little device completely ‘made’ my trip.

Rest assured that before singing its praises, I tested Tep out in two different countries: Guatemala and Nevis. Setup is essentially instant and should you run into a problem, customer service literally responds within a minute (this happened twice, when I had general questions about how it worked). Once connected, you can link up to 5 devices, although I really just needed it for my laptop and iPhone. I also noticed that the battery life lasted really long – I’d say 8 hours charged and around 20 if unused.

In terms of the price, it’s pretty affordable. The device, which is powered through Skyroam is $99 (+ shipping) and then it’s $10 a day for data. The package I chose included 3 free days of data with the purchase of the device. Considering how spotty wifi is at airports, hotels and everywhere in between, I’m more than happy to pay $10 a day for locations where I absolutely need wifi and will be doing so for my next international trip.

5 Smart and Stylish Products I Never Travel Without

Image: Facebook/tepwireless

Lo & Sons ‘Claremont’ camera bag

While I’d never claim to be a professional photographer, I do always travel with my Sony DSLR and as such, need a functional camera case. Before I had the ‘Claremont,’ I’d usually just stick my camera into whatever bag I was carrying that day and as a result, it got scratched up a bit here and there.

The ‘Claremont’ is specifically designed to protect a DSLR camera and the strong leather material ensures that it’s safely secured inside. The strap length is adjustable and I usually lengthen it a bit so I can wear as a cross-body bag. Best of all, it doesn’t even look like a camera bag, so you can wear it on and off the road. Thanks to the wider dimensions, I usually take the ‘Claremont’ to run errands in and around New York City because it’s big enough to fit all my essentials. 

Lo & Sons 'Claremont' camera bag

Bucketfeet loafers

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed since the beginning, this will come as no surprise! I first discovered Bucketfeet nearly three years ago and have been a hardcore fan ever since. The Chicago-based company partners with artists (usually street artists and graphic designers) from around the world, with each pair being designed by one of these artists.

Travel and art are two of my biggest passions, which is why I always pack a pair of Bucketfeet into my suitcase. There are different styles but I prefer the slip-ons because they’re comfortable, ideal for airport security checkpoints and they take up less space in my bag. I usually back a black leather pair on hand as well as a bolder pattern. After all, I wear lots of black (it’s the New Yorker in me!) so I like to add a pop of color to my outfit.

Bucketfeet loafers

Image: Facebook/Bucketfeet

Flight 001 adapter set

Truthfully, I own several Flight 001 accessories, including an aqua-colored passport case that doubles as a wallet and this adapter setWhile this isn’t a new invention per se, it is the first universal 4-in-1 set that utilizes the JA/C READY Adapter system, which in short is a color-coded world adapter system that allows for quick and easy recognition. There’s even a color-coded map that breaks down what colors to use for what countries, including multiple destination trips. Most impressive, it works in 150 countries.

Flight 001 adapter set

Image: Instagram/Flight001

Bluesmart carry-on suitcase

I’ve mentioned my carry-on a few times throughout this piece, so I’ll conclude with the suitcase I never travel without: the Bluesmart. Granted, this is my husband’s company but I still wholeheartedly endorse the product (and yes, I bought one way back during their Indiegogo campaign)!

The ‘smart’ suitcase does all sorts of fancy things, including connect to an app that can weigh your suitcase and track its location. From a design standpoint, I really appreciate that the suitcase is super light weight and that there’s a designated laptop section near the front. On the very high chance that you’re phone will run out of battery at the airport and you can’t find a plug (story of my life!) the Bluesmart will also save you from fighting for an outlet, as there’s a usb port near the handle.

Bluesmart carry-on suitcase

Facebook: Image: bluesmart

What is your favorite travel product? Tell me in the comments below! 

This post is in collaboration with Tep Wireless, a device I genuinely use and recommend. All opinions are my own. 

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