I believe it was pure lack of direction that led me to Avenue Montaigne.  A morning consisting of waltzing around the The Palais Garnier (Opera House) pretending that I was Christine Daaé and only momentarily pausing from my daydreams long enough to notice an impromptu Couture Fashion Shoot going on right beside me, had left me feeling almost weightless – hence my next destination.

After a few minutes of mindless wandering, I found myself on Avenue Montaigne aka where only the really rich people care to shop. I’m certainly not rich but I do appreciate Dior and Chanel so I proudly walked in and looked around.  Trying hard to convince the staff that I was fluent in French (afterall I am of French descent) I think I ultimately succeeded.  In my efforts to blend in, I had done so seamlessly.  By not speaking to the staff other than responding to their welcome greeting, I was acting very French indeed.

I wandered upstairs (in Dior as I recall) and just as my grumbling stomach was about to wail once more, I realized that there were muffins and flavored biscuits on the table.  They were just sitting there, clearly calling my name so of course I had one or two…or three.  I only left after a lovely sales woman tried selling me a mink coat.  It just wasn’t going to happen.

While I’m certainly not advocating going to these nice shops and stealing their food, it is a great area worth checking out when in Paris.  The streets are quiet and there is a small courtyard area where you can sit down to rest or to read a book.  If you are a true fashion lover who hates big crowds, go here to window shop or shop for real and save Les Champs-Élysées for sightseeing.