There are two types of people in this world. The people that avoid chaos and the people who thrive in it. I’m clearly the latter since I find comfort being in large, loud and overly crowded cities and feel strangely anxious in “normal” living conditions. Yet, at my core the things I love most are wide open spaces, water and a song to sing. What I’m trying to get at is that there is nothing wrong with finding excitement in the unknown and packing up your life and moving somewhere else for awhile…or maybe forever.

I caught the travel bug when I was just a small girl. Although I didn’t make it overseas until I was 21, I remember hounding my Dad to let me go to Paris every summer. It never happened, but that’s okay because I’ve since been there twice. I also have a laughable memory of going crazy at Epcot in Disney World. There were these little fake passports that you could buy and as you visited each “country” you got a little stamp in your passport. I was on cloud nine that day because in my mind, I really did travel the world in a day.

And then I actually made it to Europe and let’s just say it kind of changed the way I viewed the world. All of a sudden I was surrounded by new places, architecture I had dreamed of seeing since I was old enough to know what a building was and fashion that didn’t consist of a North Face and Ugg boots. Since then I’ve managed to save enough to travel to South America, Europe once more and Egypt. I find that if you want something bad enough you find a way to do it.

Which brings me to the perks and pitfalls of being a nomad by nature. In one way it’s highly frustrating. There is this constant feeling like you need to go on your next adventure right away as if there is some ticking clock behind you reminding you that you only have one life and you better start living it. Not feeling like any place is home can feel isolating yet the people you meet on your journey often end up teaching you the lesson you need to learn at that very moment, making it all worth it. No matter how amazing a destination is, you will always end up remembering the people you met and the random situations you found yourself in.

So as I pack up my life for the summer and head for DC, I find comfort in knowing that come fall I will embark on a few months of mindless wandering. I’m not sure where I’ll head off to or who I’ll meet along the way but at least I’ve accepted that this urge to explore is a part of who I am and as long as it makes me happy, I’ll keep walking along that path.

-Megan, your resident Bohemian

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