Passport to Comedy: Hyatt’s Humorous Approach to Hotels

This post was sponsored by Hyatt Gold Passport and the Hyatt Regency brand as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. 

I’m sure we can all say that choosing the right hotel can make or break your trip, right? Even if you’re only there to crash at night, you still want to feel comfortable in your space. I’ve had some really great hotel experiences and a few not so great ones, as I’m sure we all have.

So, when I watched the video that Hyatt Regency made with a handful of hilarious comedians (Megan Gailey, Andrew Kennedy and actress/filmmaker Negin Farsad) I literally laughed out loud. That’s not what I intended to do at the start of the video but alas, I was in stitches by end. Hence, the campaign hashtags #PassportToComedy and #AtHyattRegency.

The video is below for anyone who needs a little comic relief to their day. Without giving too much away, the comics bewildered/creeped out/excited/scared various unsuspecting guests at three different Hyatt Regency hotels and the reactions are, understandably, priceless. If I walked into a hotel lobby and saw a grown woman in her pajamas lounging on a bed and ordering room service, I’d be thrown off, too. Click below to watch or view it here.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter the Passport to Comedy SWEEPSTAKES. The winner gets total VIP treatment like a trip to the 2016 New York Comedy Festival or a #PassportToComedy Prize Pack. Hyatt Gold Passport members will earn ten (10) entries when they register. Not a member yet? No worries! You can sign up on the spot and get the same 10 entry perk.

In honor of this clever campaign, I’ve rounded up 5 of my favorite things about staying at hotels, some of which I share with Megan, Andrew and Negin.

1) No cleaning!

I’m usually always the person making sure our apartment is in order. I make the bed every morning and usually can’t even check my emails unless my workspace is clean. At home I might feel a tad like Cinderella, but at a hotel, I’m treated like a pampered princess.

2) Room service

I rarely order room service but when I do, it’s always worth the splurge. While I usually opt to explore local restaurants, sometimes I’m simply too lazy to leave my bed. Plus, if you have a balcony and/or a great view, it’s so much better than eating breakfast in the dining room.

3) Meeting new people

Travel often makes us more open to meeting people and hotels are basically a watering hole. Hotel staff hails form all corners of the globe and you might meet a fellow traveler that shares your passion for fashion. Vacations really do bring out the best in people.

4) Freebies and upgrades

Who doesn’t love a free perk? From complimentary Wi-Fi access (although I think this should be a given) to free wine and cheese plates in the lobby, I’m all about making the most of my stay. Sometimes the hotel will even surprise you by gifting you a bottle of wine of a dessert.

5) The view

When you snag a room with a view, consider yourself lucky. Even if your room overlooks a parking lot (it’s happened to me) or worse, a brick wall (this also has happened), there’s usually a meeting room and/or lounge that does have that stellar skyline view. Go there!

Passport to Comedy

Share your own “not at home” moments with the hashtags #PassportToComedy and #AtHyattRegency and by tagging @HyattRegency and don’t forget to enter the SWEEPS!

Looking for more laughs? This might be a good time to mention that Hyatt Regency is collaborating with Comedy Central on a new series featuring Iliza Shlesinger. Excited yet? Me too!

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