My obsession with Disney is probably old news to many of you but my favorite book is actually Peter Pan by Sir James M. Barrie. While the book is much darker and allegorical than the whimsical cartoon portrayal, both revolve around a beautiful paradise called Neverland.

After a few days into my fjord trip, I started noticing just how much Norway reminded me of Neverland. Both are as mysterious as they are magical, as geographically intimidating as they are breathtakingly beautiful.

This is how I imagine Neverland Geiranger

Here is one way to get there spotted in Håholmen

Enter the forest – Åndalsnes

A Skull Rock Lookalike en route to Geiranger

Mermaid LagoonStryn/Loen

Pirate Ships, (Viking Ships in this case) – Kvernes Stave Church

Walk the PlankGeiranger

Creating a RainbowGeiranger

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