I’ve been having a lot of fun with my previous “Bucket List” posts so I figured, why not do another. This week I’m taking on Melbourne and it was hard to narrow my list to just five.

1) Wander down Hosier Lane

A huge reason why Melbourne has intrigued me for years is because of the vibrant street art scene. Living in New York does give me plenty of opportunities to marvel at graffiti but I imagine Hosier Lane to be much more colorful. I’d probably shoot to arrive early in the morning because I’m not a huge fan of crowds. Similar to how I behave in a museum, I appreciate art much more when I’m alone or surrounded by just a few people rather than a large crowd.

2) Explore the city by bike

Melbourne is a big city but I’m finding that I’m enjoying bike tours more and more. I might sign up for an actual tour if I found one that covered street art or underground coffee shops but otherwise I’d just rent one for the day. At Melbourne Bike you can actually buy a helmet from a vending machine for $5. After exploring a few different neighborhoods like Fitzroy and Carlton, I’d also browse through some of the city’s outdoor art galleries and graffiti.

3) Catch a show at The Espy

Having worked in the music industry my first two years out of college, I’m still a sucker for a talented indie band. Part of my job at the record label was updating each band’s website with their concert schedule and The Espy was one of the venues I remember. The Espy actually stands for The Esplanade Hotel and it’s Australia’s premier venue for hearing live music. Big timers like Paul Kelley and Dallas Crane have performed here as well as a slew of other up-and-comers.

4) Sample Organic and Locally-Sourced Food

So I’ve very recently switched to an all-organic diet and while it’s only been three days and counting, I’m already feeling the difference in my energy levels and moods. Of course, this could all be a placebo effect but I’m going to go with the former. Anyway, Melbourne has a thriving culinary scene there are plenty of opportunities to shop for your own food. I’d probably shop at The Queen Victoria Market or just head straight to Dench Bakers or Babka in Fitzroy for artisanal sweets.

5) Hit the Beach

Melbourne seems like it would be the perfect winter escape because the seasons there are completely flipped. I’d love to stroll along St Kilda, a picturesque suburb of Melbourne, and spend the day listening to some live music or bumming about Luna Park. Sunday would be ideal because that’s when the Esplanade Arts and Craft Market takes place. After taking my first surfing class in Maui, I’m ready to hit the waves once more in Melbourne.

hosier street 

Photo by Katherin Lim/Flickr.