As a bohemian traveler, I try my best to pack as light as possible. There is nothing worse than lugging around a massive suitcase from hostel to hostel. However, I’ve always had an interested in fashion so here are a few items I bring with me wherever I go:


Sorry, boys…this one is primarily written for the ladies.

Chunky Scarf: For winter travel, this is a must-have item. During spring or even summer, depending on where you are, bringing along a thin scarf always adds a bit to an outfit. Before leaving Istanbul, I made sure to purchase a thick scarf from a local vendor. This particular scarf is multi-colored so it goes with pretty much my whole wardrobe.

Knit Hat: Again, this is essential for winter weather but it’s bohemian enough to wear all year round. I have a black knit hat that I bring almost anywhere. They are comfortable and barely take up any space in your suitcase. It’s great for dressing up a casual ensemble or dressing down a more elegant dress or skirt.

Light-weight Blazer: I’m slightly obsessed with blazers because I think they are effortlessly bohemian. I’m big into the “layered” look and blazers work perfectly for this style. In warm weather you can just wear a shirt or tank underneath and in colder weather, wear a thick sweater underneath.

Maxi Skirt: This may sound like a strange item to pack but maxi skirts are stylish without being constricting. I actually climbed a mountain in Jujuy, Argentina wearing ballet flats and a maxi skirt. Despite not being properly dressed, I was certainly the most fashionable traveler that day on the mountain.

Ballet Flats: Speaking of shoes, ballet flats are ideal for fall, spring and summer. I used to pack heels but after one or two trips I quickly realized that with so much walking, they were the last thing I wanted to put on my feet. For winter weather, find a pair of boots that are functional and fashionable.

Slouchy Bag: Usually when I travel these days, I’m carrying around my laptop backpack rather than a full-on purse, but I do prefer slouchy materials because they are easy to pack in your luggage and they actually hold a lot of items. Eco-friendly bags are another personal favorite. I have a few handmade bags from my time in Peru and they travel very well.

Avant-Garde Accessories: Bohemian travelers are trendy without even trying so accessories should reflect your personality. I tend to adore vintage necklaces, hats and scarves so I usually pack one or two of each. The great thing about bringing along jewelry and accessories is that they can completely transform an outfit.

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