When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, improving your health is usually pretty high up on the list. While diet and exercise are two important factors for better health, it’s also so important to pay attention to what you’re putting into your body…as well as what your body is missing and therefore craving.

I’ve partnered with Nature’s Way to spotlight a few herbal supplements that I’ve incorporated into my daily life. I use these here in California in my new home and in all my “homes away from home” on the road. In fact, it took moving to Hong Kong a few years ago to re-evaluate how I view eastern medicine. While there, I was introduced to many holistic therapies and realized that western medicine isn’t the only way to go.

With Nature’s Way, they’re embracing the power of herbs to support overall health and making it accessible to everyone. They’re also the first brand with Non-GMO Project verification and Tru-ID certification, so you know the herbs listed on their labels actually match what’s in their products.

Here are 5 carry-on ready herbal supplements.

5 Herbal Supplements to Pack on your Next Trip

Ginger Root

Someone once told me that when you turn 30, your stomach starts rejecting you. I’m not sure if that’s the case for everyone but I’ve certainly noticed that my stomach isn’t made of steel like I once thought. I actually started incorporating ginger into my diet when we moved to Hong Kong, because it was in so many flavorful dishes. I got hooked, and now, I take ginger not only for the taste but ease my stomach discomfort and to stimulate digestion.*

There are many health benefits long associated with ginger but for me, I really find that it aids in soothing my stomach. Incorporating it into your diet is great for both digestion and nausea, which is super healthy if you’re traveling by bus or train and get motion sickness.

Ginger root for upset stomachs

St. John’s Wort

In the past three years, I’ve tried many different therapies to help me find peace and calm when my mind goes to anxious places: mindfulness, breathing techniques, therapy, psychiatry, Yoga, you name it.

Most recently, I’ve given St. John’s Wort a try. The plant grows in the wild and has been used across cultures to help provide healing properties for mental health conditions.* Once again, I’m not a doctor, so please consult your local physician before self-medicating. That said, incorporating it into my daily regimen has been helpful in balancing my moods, which can really vary throughout the month.*

St. John's Wort for "down" days

Nettle Leaf

A couple years ago when I moved to San Francisco, I visited a doctor that practiced both eastern and western medication. During our three hour appointment (that’s right, THREE hours), she told me about Nettle Leaf. I’m allergic to several things, including cat dander, which I’ve learned is one of the toughest allergens to truly get rid of, because it clings to just about any surface.

Back in New York I actually committed to allergy shots for close to three years and while I think it helped slightly with a few of my minor allergies like dust mites, it didn’t have the effects I was so hoping for. I’ve found that Nettle Leaf, available in pill form and also as a tea, has helped in lessening my some of my allergic symptoms (but that’s just my experience).

Nettle Leaf for allergy relief

Aloe Vera

Growing up, I knew I was Irish but I didn’t know I was nearly 98% Irish until seeing my results from 23andMe. So, naturally, my skin is sensitive and prone to burning in the sun. I’ve used aloe vera most of my adult life, and even after some unfortunate sunburns as a kid, and it always helps soothe my skin and aids in the healing process.*

A few years ago, I visited an actual aloe plantation in Aruba and learned so many fun facts about this amazing plant. For one, aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes, and it’s these enzymes that repair dead skin cells. You can apply it directly to your body or take it in veggie capsules.

Aloe Vera for healthy skin

Activated Charcoal

Ok, for the record, I’m not condoning getting drunk here. In fact, drinking less is among my goals for 2018. However, when I travel, especially in groups, I’ve found that I drink a little more than my “normal” 2-glasses of wine maximum. While there’s lots of “hangover” remedies out there, I’ve recently started using activated charcoal to help me feel myself again in the morning.

Activated charcoal basically works by trapping unwanted toxins and chemicals found in the body and allowing your body to flush them out so that they’re not reabsorbed. I like Nature’s Way’s product because it is made from coconut shells. There are other benefits, too, such as helping to alleviate bloating.*

Aloe Vera for healthy skin

How do YOU stay healthy at home or abroad? Tell me in the comments below! 

This post is in collaboration with Nature’s WayAll opinions are my own. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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