If I had to describe Norway in three words they would be: Nature, Snow and Stars. The country is beautiful year round but during the winter months the snow definitely gives Norway a very “Narnia” look about it. What turned out as a bit of a surprise was all the famous faces I met during my trip, making this bohemian traveler quite entertained.

Marius Arnesen: Olympic Ski Coach

Marius gave our group a personalized ski lesson during out stay at Norefjell. Besides being a professional skiier himself, Marius has led the Olympic Ski team to not one but three Gold Medals. Arnesen is currently taking a break from sport scene to spend more time with his two young children but plans on reclaiming his post as coach in the next few years.

Jens Stoltenberg: Prime Minister of Norway

This was definitely a surprise encounter but one that made my Norway trip even more memorable. Our first Prime Minister spotting was at the Grand Hotel in Oslo but it wasn’t until our first night at the World Snowboarding Championships that we had the chance to speak briefly with Norway’s leader. Especially after the After the tragic events this past summer I was very impressed with his eagerness to interact with the locals at the event. He seems to really resonate with the Norwegian people.

Angry Baby: Vigeland Sculpture Park

Perhaps the most famous sculpture in Oslo’s Vigeland Park is this quite angry baby. Gustav Vigeland spent the last two decades of his life creating every sculpture with incredible detail. The statue is called “Sinnataggen” which translates to “The Furious Kid”. Over the years this statue has been a favorite among travelers.

Henrik Ibsen: Norwegian Playwright 

Norway is home to several talented writers, painters and composers including Henrik Ibsen, Edvard Munch, Bjornstjerne Bjornson and Rikard Nordraak. Ibsen’s “A Doll House” was one of my favorite reads back in high school so I was eager to see his grave at the Oslo Cemetery. Ibsen also ate breakfast at the Grand Cafe which is connected to the Grand Hotel. I made sure to snag his famous breakfast table each morning in hopes he’d drop me some inspiration.

Sondre Lerche: Singing Sensation

Lerche is a famous Norwegian singer who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Clearly, you should always try to look decent even if at the airport because you never know just who you will be on your flight. I’ll make sure to note this for next time. Sondre was very friendly to all the fans that approached him that day. He was returning to Brooklyn after a month of filming the Norwegian version of “The Voice”.

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