Norway has a slew of traditional dishes that any avant-garde traveler would enjoy. and I tried most of them during my visit. Here are a few of my favorite foods from Norway.

Breakfast: Waffels and Jam

Shortly upon landing at Oslo airport I was greeted with a delicious breakfast that many Norwegians eat at the start of their day. Not exactly healthy, but it was just what I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth. Toppings included cream, jam, butter and similar spreads and waffles are often eaten rolled up like a burrito. This is often accompanied with a low-fat yogurt and fruit bowl.

Lunch: Seafood Sandwiches

I ate several different seafood dishes in Norway, especially in Oslo which is located right near the water. On this particular day, we were served a variety of sandwiches comprised of meats, seafood and vegetables.

Perhaps my favorite lunches were actually the soups. In Norefjell we tasted three different soups. One was meat-based, another moose and the third was Jerusalem artichoke and potato. Soups are Norway’s version of “fast food” and the fresh seafood soups I ate in Oslo were among my favorite.

Dinner: Reindeer Filet & Aquavit

My last dinner in Norway was a sampling of reindeer filet with three different game sauces. The glasses in front of each plate contain aquavit, a traditional Nordic alcohol. Aquavit has a very strong taste but you can disguise the flavoring in fruity cocktails, which I did the night before.

Dessert: A Taste of Home

Norway certainly had several traditional desserts but this particular night I chose to keep it simple with macaroons and tarts. Creme Brulee, sorbet and lemon custards are other popular desserts often offered at local restaurants.

Cocktail anyone? Here’s a shot of me at the Ice Bar we visited in Lillehammer.

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