As both an editor and a freelance journalist, I receive a lot…and I mean a LOT of press releases every day. Usually I skim through them, not expecting anything that fits my demographic. Bohemian Trails isn’t really about hard-hitting news so usually the emails aren’t all that pressing. There was one email, however, that stood out in my inbox. It was filled with color and the coolest shoes I’d seen in quite awhile. That morning, I discovered BucketFeet and my feet have been very happy ever since.

BucketFeet is rooted in travel. It all started back in 2011 when two people met in Argentina. One was an artist and the other was a backpacker. What started as a pair of hand-drawn shoes ended up starting thousands of conversations between artists and travelers across the globe. Today, BucketFeet has collaborated with more than 4,000 artists—ranging from illustrators and painters to tattoo artists, writers and graffiti artists—in more than 60 countries.

One of the things I struggle with as a frequent traveler is finding shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable. Usually I’ll find shoes that are one or the other and since my schedule is usually packed, I rarely have time to dash back to the hotel and slip on a different pair. This means I either walk around all day in uncomfortable shoes or I feel great but look so-so. After looking through the different art-inspired shoes at BucketFeet I decided to try out three pairs for myself to see if they were as snug yet stylish as they look. Here’s a breakdown.

Archer B Mid Top

Artist: Archerone
Designed in: Los Angeles, CA
My favorite place to wear these: Brooklyn

My favorite thing about this pair of sneakers is that they are funky yet completely functional when touring gritty cities like New York City. Black is always a safe bet in cities, as it’s fairly easy to get covered in dirt after a long day of sight-seeing. That being said, sometimes all-black shoes are a bit dull…hence the vibrant aztec print and turquoise shoelaces. I snapped this photo near my apartment in Bushwick a few months ago and I really like how it looks against the graffiti-covered warehouse that serves as a perfect urban backdrop.

Comfortable shoes for frequent travelers

Bamboo 2 Canvas Slip-On

Artist: Aaron Firestein
Designed in: Berkeley, CA
My favorite place to wear these: Curacao

This is my favorite pair of the three because of it’s geometric design and creative use of colors. Often-times I have issues with flat shoes because my heel ends up hurting while breaking them in but that didn’t happen with this pair. They were sturdy enough to withstand rough terrain yet not as bulky as a regular pair of sneakers. Now that I’ve moved across the country to California, I’ve been wearing these much of the time. The weather is much warmer here than the winters in New York so the style and design is perfect for the Cali lifestyle.

BucketFeet: The Perfect Shoe for the Art-Loving Traveler

Peacock Slip-On

Artist: Inkheart
Designed in: London, England
My favorite place to wear these: New Orleans

Last but not least, is this posh pair from across the pond. I chose this shoe because it works just as well in urban cities as it does in warm-weather destinations. The mix of solid black with a intricate print adds a layer of intrigue in my opinion. I wore these all over New Orleans and have been wearing them in California as well. Similar to Bamboo 2, they fit snugly on my feet and have good traction on the bottom. For whatever reason, my heels did hurt a little bit on the first day but it went away by the second and for me, that’s a major victory.

graffiti-inspired shoes

Overall impressions:

  • It’s no secret that I’m a serious fan of street art so design-wise, I find these patterns and prints very inspiring. I also like that there’s a travel aspect to them and that the artists are featured when you order a pair.
  • Everyone has different taste in shoes but I’m sure we can all agree that when it comes to travel, comfort is key. I’ve been wearing my slip-ons pretty much every day for the last month that we’ve been on the west coast and am loving it. I’ve also traveled with them to Curacao, Toronto and New Orleans and was able to walk for hours without my feet hurting.
  • They are conversation starters! I probably receive at least one compliment about my BucketFeet every time I wear them and while that’s certainly a nice confidence booster, the real benefit is that it gets me talking to new people and that is super integral when your traveling to a new destination and eager to get the local scoop.

High-top and slip-on shoe styles

What is your favorite pair of shoes to travel with? Tell me in the comments below!

This post is in collaboration with BucketFeet. I received three pairs of shoes and no additional compensation. All opinions are my own.

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