It’s been a few years since my last snow tubing adventure, which I’d like to quickly recap. I was a sophomore in college and I was intoxicated. While this was amusing to all the other snow tubers on the mountain that day, falling out of my tube on the way up the mountain and then trying to run up to catch it in my pale pink snow pants is not so much fun.

Let the Tubing Begin

This time, however, I was sober and ready to celebrate our friend’s birthday. Living Social teamed up with Campgaw Mountain. Although we were only driving 45 minutes away, Mahwah New Jersey could have been another country. As soon as we arrived at the mountain, we hit the bathrooms, grabbed our tubes and went up the mountain. The ride up is one of my favorite things about tubing.

I’m sure this sounds cliche, but the few minutes it takes to get up to the mountain are somewhat therapeutic. Just listening to the Top 40 songs blasting from down below as you stare up at the sky is all the therapy I need. These relaxing minutes quickly transform into adrenalin as you reach the top. I took about 4 or 5 rides total, the first shoot being my fastest. A large cup of hot chocolate awaited us when we returned from our last ride.

And Then There Was Food

After about an hour and a half on the slopes, our next stop was Mahwah Bar and Grill. Perhaps the most amusing part of our drive here was a girl a few rows back literally stripping down and changing into a mini skirt and heels. I have a feeling her expectations for our dinner venue were a little high. Despite the rush of hungry eaters (our group included), the dinner buffet was exactly what we needed. Pasta, wings, burgers aren’t easy to justify eating on a regular basis, but once in a while you should indulge.

Surprise Performance from the Grasshoppers

In true birthday celebratory fashion, shots were a must. The Grasshopper was the birthday girl’s shot of choice and although it didn’t look to tasty, appearances were definitely deceiving in this case because they were delicious. After we were full and buzzed to our hearts content we rounded up our group and headed back to the bus, where many of us snoozed our way back to Manhattan.

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