It’s no secret that Berlin is one of the best places to explore by bike. However, biking is more than transportation for true Berliners – it’s a lifestyle. Here are some of my favorite Berlin bike personalities.

The Multi-Purpose Bike

Here we have a comfortable fur seat and a large basket to hold just about anything you might need for your journey. I like how this owner took into consideration both function and fashion.

The Camouflage Bike

Yup, bikes in Berlin come in every shape, size and color – much like their eclectic owners. There are probably enough bikes in the city to rival the amount of graffiti and street art painted on building walls.

The Babysitting Bike

This dog doesn’t look too happy but I’m sure his bike friend is keeping him company. Bike owners are serious about locking their bikes up due to a big amount of theft, so I’m sure having a dog as a second form of protection is rather beneficial.

The Abused Bike

This poor guy is a little beat up, which is quite common in cities where biking is the main mode of transportation. If your bike breaks, check out the local flea markets for great deals on vintage styles instead of splurging on a brand new ride.

The Self-Promotional Bike

Clearly, this bike has an ulterior motive. A handful of the bikes I saw in Berlin were used as a means to advertise a business rather than for functional use. I must say, the added flowers do give it a nice touch.

The Rainbow Bike

This particular bike belongs to the most hipster Berliner I know – Adam from Travels of Adam. I had the chance to meet up with him twice and I quickly fell in love with his rainbow bike.

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