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How to Make the Most of your Hotel or Home Rental

*This is a guest post by Kacey of The Drifter Collective. There are some things that travelers just can’t live without when they are away from home. Knowing how to prepare for your time away will make your life easier and you will enjoy traveling no matter where you stay! Are you planning a trip sometime soon? Consider this travelers’ list of must-haves and must dos before you go. 1) Choose Your Own Room Make sure to choose your own room at your hotel before you get there. Some travelers prefer to stay in the upper floors of a hotel to...

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The 5 Best Mountain Views in the UK

When you say the United Kingdom (UK), most people associate it with popular attractions such as the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Windsor Castle, the British Museum, and other man-made structures. However, this island nation in northwestern Europe is also replete with amazing natural wonders. There are lakes, rivers, and natural parks but if you really want to enjoy your all-inclusive holiday package to the UK, visit the mountains. Nothing really beats the feeling that you get when you gaze at the stars or watch the sunrise from a thousand meters above the ground. In this article, we’ll take a look at...

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7 Romantic Places to Visit in Pondicherry

*This is a guest post by Rohit Agarwal of Transindiatravels.  Pondicherry or Pondy (as it is affectionately called) is a little French town in the Indian Union Territory, Pondicherry. The town has a huge influence of French architecture and culture that is reflected throughout the city. It is often called “The French Riviera of the East.” Pondy is thus a splendid amalgamation of South Indian and French culture along with a hint of Dutch, Portuguese and British elements. Situated alongside the Bay of Bengal, Pondy has a few stunning beaches with a wide range of water sports activities for the adventurous...

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The Ultimate Architecture Guide to Budapest

*This is a guest post by Marteen of Lust for the World. Budapest is the world’s melting pot of Architectural styles. From Roman amphitheaters and Gothic-styled cathedrals to traditional Turkish baths, Budapest has it all. Since the city is fairly large and diverse, we’ve put together a list of our favorite architectural treasures to see in Budapest. Let’s begin the tour.. 1) Start off at the infamous Parliament Building Visit Hungary’s Parliament Building to appreciate the Neo Gothic architecture glistening in the sunlight and to gaze over the Hungarian Crown Jewels. The Parliament building is the largest building in Hungary,...

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How to Win at Volunteering Abroad

This is a guest post by Andrew Tipp. A lot of travellers are put off volunteering because they don’t know how to do it ‘right’. Which is fair enough, because volunteering can look pretty intimidating. It’s not a holiday, after all. But it’s a shame, because there’s no great mystery about volunteering, and there’s so much information out there to help you get the most from your trip. To summarize lots of the advice out there, here are a few ideas of how you can ‘win’ at volunteering. Not that it’s a competition – that’s just how people talk…...

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