Author: Megan Eileen

How to Make 15+ Travel Outfits Using Just 5 Wardrobe Essentials

As someone that’s had the misfortune of losing a checked bag before, you’ll rarely see me traveling with anything other than a carry-on. Sure, you have to be picky with what you pack, but with a few wardrobe staples, you can get pretty creative with your outfits. That said, I tend to overpack, even for my small carry-on bag. So, for my recent trip to Anguilla, I decided to go even more minimal. Instead of cramming too many clothes into a stuffed-to-the-brim suitcase, I partnered with Vacay to see how many outfits I could put together on my 5-day...

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Sprucing up My Mountain Home with TRI Vintage and Wares

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a fascination for antiques and all things vintage. Instead of collecting Lisa Frank stickers (remember those, fellow 90’s kids?) I’d scavenge around my grandmother’s New York home for skeleton keys. She had so many and with each new discovery, my collection grew and grew over the years. In my tweens and early teens, my focus shifted from my key collection to my appreciation for flea markets. My dad and I would go to a flea or two just about every weekend. One of my favorite finds was this ivory-colored Freudian...

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5 Unique Experiences to Have in London

There’s no shortage of things to see and do in London but for my recent trip across the pond, I tried to go beyond the tourist attractions and delve into the local culture. Whether it’s your first time in London or your tenth, there are always opportunities to go the immersive route. Scroll below for some of my top-recommended activities for the cultural traveler. 5 Unique Experiences to Have in London Take a masterclass at The Berkeley As I hinted in my post from last week, there’s a very specialPrêt-à-Portea masterclass offered at the Berkeley and it concludes with...

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How to Tour London Like a Royal

The Royal wedding of the (now) Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be behind us, but I personally will never forget what a beautiful ceremony it was from start to finish…at least, from what I could tell having watched the nuptials from my laptop screen. Even though I’m not a royal in real life, I did get the chance to feel like one earlier this month. I teamed up with Love Great Britain and Visit California to take me from my home in Cali to my former home in London to live it up like a real royal would....

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How to Find Affordable Housing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home all types of creatives—businessmen, tourists, expats, students to name a few, and with its mellowed vibe, it’s no wonder people love living here. The convenience of working in English as well as softer rules for tourism, make it possible for people around the world to move to Amsterdam to live, work and play. The Dutch homes, their renovation styles, and the fact that they are old yet sturdy and beautiful can leave any curious person asking more about them. Here are 5 types of Dutch houses you’ll find in Amsterdam Apartments Modern and chic, the apartments...

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