Author: Megan Eileen

Year-Round Romance in Austin: The Best Ways to Ignite that Spark

Valentine’s Day may be around the corner, so if you’re thinking of a last-minute weekend getaway, I’ve got just the city. Of course, you don’t have to save all your sweetness for the day of love; try to find a way to make your special someone feel special every day of the year. Here are 5 Ways to Feel Romance in Austin Splurge on a romantic stay For those of you who aren’t Austin locals (like me!) the first step to a romantic weekend is picking the right hotel. After all, this will be your home away from home...

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5 Herbal Supplements to Pack on your Next Trip

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, improving your health is usually pretty high up on the list. While diet and exercise are two important factors for better health, it’s also so important to pay attention to what you’re putting into your body…as well as what your body is missing and therefore craving. I’ve partnered with Nature’s Way to spotlight a few herbal supplements that I’ve incorporated into my daily life. I use these here in California in my new home and in all my “homes away from home” on the road. In fact, it took moving to Hong...

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How to Find Magic in Everyday Life

With the holidays now behind us, I’ve found myself feeling a little blue these couple of post-Christmas days. Apparently, this is a thing, so I don’t feel too bad about it. So, in the spirit of giving, I’ve decided to give you the gift of magic. I hope you’re able to let magic enter this life, whether it’s by embracing the fantasy genre or picking up a new craft. Here are 11 ways to find magic in everyday life Let fantasy into your life Fantasy can be so many things. For me, it’s reading young adult, science fiction and...

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Insider’s Guide to Costa Rica’s Best Eco-Lodges and Hotels

Costa Rica is a very magical place and part of this magic comes from their respect for nature. I was happy to learn that there are many laws in place to protect endangered animals and that, laws aside, locals really do care about their fellow inhabitants. Not surprising, this respect for nature seeps into businesses large and small, including the hospitality industry. Here are Costa Rica’s best eco-lodges and hotels Finca Rosa Blanca If you’re a fan of coffee (and even if you’re not), Finca Rosa Blanca will curb your craving. Since it’s about twenty minutes from the San...

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Treehouse Community Culture in Costa Rica

I’m back from Costa Rica and wow, I’m having such a fun time going through all my photos. I took a LOT. Treehouses are the things that Disney dreams are made of, so of course I wanted to stay at one during my trip. Whether you’re a pro on treehouse community culture or a complete novice like I was, here’s a beginner’s guide of what to expect. Find your groove After three weeks of staying at boutique eco-lodges around the country, Finca Bellavista took a little getting used to. For one, it’s a community (hence, the name) more than...

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