Amsterdam is home all types of creatives—businessmen, tourists, expats, students to name a few, and with its mellowed vibe, it’s no wonder people love living here. The convenience of working in English as well as softer rules for tourism, make it possible for people around the world to move to Amsterdam to live, work and play.

The Dutch homes, their renovation styles, and the fact that they are old yet sturdy and beautiful can leave any curious person asking more about them.

Here are 5 types of Dutch houses you’ll find in Amsterdam

How to Find Affordable Housing in Amsterdam


Modern and chic, the apartments in Amsterdam are self-contained in every sense. These may come with a heftier price tag, but renting them is certainly a better option if you want privacy and home-like environment while your stay in this city. Apartments generally come fully-furnished, are neatly renovated and well-maintained. You can select one based on the location or simply on the basis of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Expats moving in with family should give these apartments a serious thought, especially if your budget allows. 

how to find an apartment in Amsterdam

Shared rooms and houses

For many, living in Amsterdam depends on why you moved here in the first-place. For example, tourists tend to live in shared rooms and houses. Some houses are also used as service apartments by the companies to provide accommodation to the people coming here for assignment or short term job. The perks of a shared room or house is mostly financial and if you’re touring around most of the day and rarely home, this is a smart option. 

shared rooms and housing in Amsterdam

Landlord Hosting 

If you’re a student and on a budget, consider landlord housing. It can be nice have a family environment waiting for you at the end of the day. The setup is fairly simply; Homeowners lease out a part of their home to a tenant, making it a win-win for both the landlord and the new arrival. 

landlord hosting in Amsterdam


While not for everyone, “anti-squatting” is a viable option for those with a fully flexible lifestyle. Here’s how it works: if there’s an empty space, like an abandoned house or office, it can serve as temporary housing for the needy—as long as the listing agents are aware. That said, occupants need to be ready at the drop of a hat to move out. In most cases, you can expect about a 28-day period to relocate.

affordable places to live in Amsterdam

Short stay apartments

For business professionals and students, short stay apartments is a popular type of housing in Amsterdam. As its name suggests, you’ll stay here for a few weeks only. These apartments come with all the essential amenities (as well as some luxurious perks). This is a pricier option but certainly worth the extra spend. 

Whatever type of housing you choose, Amsterdam is sure to steal your heart. 

short term apartment rentals in Amsterdam

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