This is a Guest Post by Marina K. Villatoro of Travel Experta.

Antigua Guatemala is so much more than just another colonial style town with cobble stone streets from Central America. It has many unique places to visit that set it apart from the other cities of its kind.

1. Picnicking at a Ruin – Antigua still has tons of churches and convents, but it used to have lots more before the earthquake of 1976 destroyed them all. Instead of reconstructing these structures they were turned into beautiful gardens where you can go for a picnic in the middle of what’s left of the structures.

2. Santo Domingo Hotel Ruins – Santo Domingo is one of the best hotels in Antigua. It is located where a convent used to be and you can still see parts of that convent along its courtyards. If you go out to explore the place you will be able to see some crypts and underground tunnels.

3. Arc Street – This is one of the most photographed and iconic places of Antigua. It’s a beautiful arc located at the end of 5th avenue in Antigua, on its north side.

4. Central Park and Fountain – Antigua’s central park is really small compared to others you might have visited but it’s beautifully landscaped and has a beautiful fountain in the center called Mermaid’s Fountain (Fuente de las Sirenas).

5. Artisans Market – There are around 5 artisans markets scattered throughout Antigua. In them you can find all sorts of colorful souvenirs, from traditional clothing, paintings, jade jewelry, decorations made of wood, hammocks to toys.

6. Cerro de la Cruz – There is this tiny mountain on the north side of Antigua with a cross that can be seen all throughout the city. There is a road that will take you up to where that cross is. From there you get the most beautiful view of Antigua. It is especially beautiful at sunset.

So if you come to Antigua make sure you visit these places, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Marina K. Villatoro from Travel Experta is an expat living with her family and traveling in Central America for over 10 years. Interested in traveling to Guatemala, she’s got tons of fun info for you.

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