When you say the United Kingdom (UK), most people associate it with popular attractions such as the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Windsor Castle, the British Museum, and other man-made structures. However, this island nation in northwestern Europe is also replete with amazing natural wonders.

There are lakes, rivers, and natural parks but if you really want to enjoy your all-inclusive holiday package to the UK, visit the mountains. Nothing really beats the feeling that you get when you gaze at the stars or watch the sunrise from a thousand meters above the ground. In this article, we’ll take a look at the popular mountains that you should climb when visiting the UK.

1) The Pennies

This mountain range is one of the most significant in England. Formed more than 300 million years ago, The Pennies is also considered as one of the oldest mountain ranges around. It stretches over 400 kilometers in length from Derbyshire up to the Cheviot Hills located in the border of England and Scotland.

There are three national parks found in The Pennies: the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland, and the Peak District. In addition, there are also water reservoirs that feature rocky crags and lush greenery. And if you want to have a little adventure, you can explore the caves and rivers in the mountain range.

2) Ingleborough

Ingleborough features three peaks that offer a nice walk up from Clapham. The vast summit plateau provides a breathtaking view of the sunset. The limestone found along the slopes creates an interesting pathway.

3) Llyn Idwal and Tryfan Snowdonia

This one is a National Nature Reserve where you can find the most stunning landscapes and unique plant species in Britain. The environment here has not changed too much since the Ice Age. During a calm and sunny day, the Llyn Idwal is like a crystal-clear mirror that is decorated with the reflection of the sky and cliffs.   The Tryfan, meanwhile, creates a striking backdrop.

4) Scalfell Pike

The Scafell Pike can be found in Cumbria. It measures 978 metres above sea level. Beside the mountain is the Lake District National Park – another popular tourist attraction in the UK. The Pike creates a single fell from several ones that are lined in a horseshoe formation.

5) Helvellyn Mountain

It is known as the third tallest peak in England. Helvellyn means yellow moor. With an impressive height of 950 meters above sea level, this can be an interesting destination for seasoned climbers.

Best Mountain Climbing Trips in the UKImage: Facebook/Love GREAT Britain

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