How To Travel Cheap But Feel Loaded

Most bohemian travelers prefer to live on a budget but that doesn’t mean the occasional splurge is off limits. Here are a few tips for traveling cheap while feeling loaded.

1) Befriend a Local

This is by far one of the best ways to travel free and fabulously. If you are traveling to visit a local, even better. When you make an effort to meet locals, it’s a great way to learn about their culture, discover off the beaten path restaurants and potentially make a lifelong friend. Another perk is that most locals own a car or know somebody who owns a car. While public transportation is a good option to use on a regular basis, buses and trains don’t always have routes to neighboring towns.

2) Find a “Local”

Even if you are passing through a city for a few days, finding a local bar where you can get to know the bartender and other patrons helps create a more comfortable environment. You may not get free drinks just because you become a regular, but going to a bar more than once gives you a more relaxed feeling and you won’t be just another face at the bar. While picking your local, make sure the drink list is within your budget. Then see if they offer happy hour specials.

3) Manage Spending without Obsessing

This can be a hard concept to master but it will most likely make your trip less stressful. While last minute flight and hotel deals can be tempting, sometimes it helps to book in advance. This way, you’ve already covered the major expenses, allowing you to focus on saving up for local transportation, daily meals, entertainment and anything else you are hoping to include on your cheap but luxurious trip. Try to stick to your budget but don’t punish yourself if you miss your goal one day.

how to stick to your travel budget

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  1. Eva December 6, 2012  6:23 pm Reply

    "Manage spending without obsessing" is key when you get fired after booking a trip! I have learned I can go to Paris, not shop and still have an excellent trip.
    Eva recently posted..Hotel Heroes of Hurricane SandyMy Profile

  2. Nico December 7, 2012  6:47 am Reply

    I fully agree with you. Just talking to people you meet on the street or on public transport while you are travelling can be a great way to find out about local hotspots, or set your journey on a new and unexpected direction. More than once I've been invited around to peoples house after starting a casual conversation.
    Nico recently posted..Trials of a Travel Blog: Thanks For All the SpamMy Profile

  3. Tyler Newton December 11, 2012  8:05 am Reply

    Want to travel cheap but feel loaded? It is OK to splurge a bit even while traveling on a budget. Share the secret on Social Number, your identity remains discreet as ever!

    • Megan Eileen McDonough December 11, 2012  8:31 am Reply

      I definitely agree with you Tyler - there's certainly nothing wrong with a bit of splurging!

  4. Leif December 17, 2012  12:35 pm Reply

    Hey Megan, nice article, it's so true. There's nothing like a local host. The Turkish friends I met spent so much money on me that I felt guilty. They took me on boat rides and bought me food and they never gave me a chance to pay them back
    Leif recently posted..Ask and You Shall ReceiveMy Profile

  5. CreditDonkey December 18, 2012  5:15 am Reply

    Hi Megan,

    I agree, befriending a local is a fabulous idea for all the reasons already mentioned and then some! A local can give you tips that can save you a lot of money, stress and headaches on your travels.

  6. Escapist January 6, 2014  9:00 am Reply

    Here's one for you: bring your own food!
    Canned food, instant soup powders, instant noodles...

  7. Gracey September 6, 2014  5:07 am Reply

    This blog really have amazing collection of quality tips which can help us to draw a perfect outline for a trip . All approaches are good to follow because it save lot of bucks rather than staying in costly hotels and airlines .

  8. All-inclusive Mexico September 7, 2014  10:38 pm Reply

    Thinking of traveling? Go for the best deals in the metro.

  9. Turkey Family Vacation packages From India. December 2, 2014  5:08 am Reply

    Hey its good idea to go with friends with cheap and affordable trip.Nice Thoughts.

  10. sumit June 6, 2015  7:17 am Reply

    Some tips from my side - carry your own food !!
    And hire a rental car to avoid useless expenditure


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