As much as we may try to deny it, most travelers do get pangs of homesickness from time to time. Although I've never gone on an around the world trip, I've still had moments where I miss my friends and family back home.Here are 5 Tips to Avoid Homesickness1) Prepare in AdvanceI've often found that whenever I'm packing for a trip, the last thing on my mind is homesickness. Missing your [...]
There have been a lot of articles that tackle the Traveler vs. Tourist argument, including one of our own. I've decided to contribute my own thoughts on the matter by coming up with 5 anti-travel behaviors I aim to avoid.I'll start off with one of my favorite Travel Quotes: If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home. - Jame[...]
After going through my hundreds of photos taken in Norway I decided to do a Photo Friday post with ten images that highlight the beauty of Lillehammer, Norefjell and Oslo.Here's the first picture I took at the Maihaugen Open Air Museum in Lillehammer.I couldn't help but adore the quirky chandelier hanging in my suite at Norefjell's Quality Resort & Spa.Here's my view of the[...]
Commercial - SkiingIt's been about five years since the last time I skied so I didn't want to challenge my skills too much. I've only ever skied in the US and most of those times involved artificial snow as opposed to real snow in Norway. After a few runs on the Bunny Slopes, I started feeling more confident and eventually moved on to slightly more difficult hills. In Norefjell we had the oppo[...]
My recent articles about finding peace through travel and bohemian cities that feel like home really got me thinking about revisiting many of these destinations. As a budget traveler, I usually choose to stay with either local friends or at inexpensive hostels wherever I go, but in certain cities where I feel at peace, I find myself craving more of a "home" environment.So this week, I'm review[...]
I'm sure we've all had our moments when we feel misunderstood. I can only speak for myself but I've had many of these moments in the past year alone.Pursuing a career in the arts already puts me at a disadvantage compared to those who have a more stable and safe job. I sometimes feel that my family and friends don't completely understand my life and while I am fully aware that I've taken the r[...]
Before starting Bohemian Trails and pursuing a career in travel writing, I worked a 9-5 job and often found myself craving alone time. I'd leave work and head straight to a concert or fashion event and not arrive to my apartment until after midnight. I'd wake up the next morning and start the same routine. Granted, this routine was exciting but it left little time for...myself.I worked at an i[...]
Going along with the more personal posts I've been writing each Friday, I've decided to put together a list of 5 travel facts about myself that you probably didn't already know.I am a Dual Citizen: There are some who would say that I should not be opening admitting to owning two passports but this is one fun fact about myself that I value above most others. I was able to receive my Irish citiz[...]
One of the challenges of being bohemian traveler is finding balance between satisfying my wandering cravings and feeling settled in my everyday life.This time last year I was working 9-5 in a city I loved and yet I often found myself day dreaming about where I wanted to travel to next. Since I was no longer enchanted with my life, there was really nothing holding me back.  I pushed fear aside [...]
This post is by David VanArsdale, one of our contributors.“I want to travel but I don’t have the money.”I wince a little when I hear someone say that because for the most part, I think it’s a bullshit excuse. Granted there are exceptions (especially considering today’s unemployment rate), but if you have a job and are currently using “I don’t have the money” as an excuse, keep reading.[...]
This post is by Kay Boatner, one of our contributors.I blame Hostel.You know, the gory 2005 movie about two kids named Paxton and Josh, and their fellow backpackers traveling around Europe that meet a rather disgusting end in a Slovak—you guessed it—hostel.Until recently, the only hostel I had ever stayed in was in Europe. It didn’t even occur to me to book one on a recent trip, as I w[...]
After a long but productive day I had come to the realization that I wasn't going to make it out of my apartment as most people my age would on any given Saturday night. In an effort to clear my head a bit, I turned on the television for a few minutes of mindless stimulation. Saturday nights are never particularly good when it comes to show selections, but this night it had hit an all-time low. [...]