When it comes to artistic talent, sometimes living in New York makes me feel like I'm a kid in a candy shop. Today's featured artist is Kito Mbiango and while he currently lives in the Big Apple, he has traveled all around the world. His work reflects many of these travels and what draws me in the most is his clever use of color. See below for the full interview.Kito, how did you find your way[...]
As New York finally starts to feel like Spring, my mind is already thinking ahead to summer. Autumn is hands down my favorite season in New York but summer does have perks like free concerts and outdoor festivals to keep everyone entertained.Still, I'm always surprised when I hear non New Yorkers rave about how amazing it is here in the summer. Clearly, visiting New York and actually living he[...]
The holidays never fail to lift my spirits. There's something so beautiful about Christmas lights reflecting off snow-covered streets and sipping warm, hot-chocolate as I gaze outside my apartment window. I'm not as crazy about all the commercial hoopla pushed down our throat but I understand that like every industry, the holidays is a business and I just need to accept it for what it is. That bei[...]
Only in the life of a travel writer would a month staying in one place seem strange. Yet, in the past six months alone, I've been out of the country more than I've been in my cozy East Village apartment. Perhaps the most painful part of that is that I've never stopped paying rent. But I really have little to complain about and despite my extensive travels this year, I've found myself craving more [...]
This post is a bit off topic compared to my normal stream of lifestyle related articles but after a fairly recent press trip gone awry I felt like venting in a constructive and hopefully encouraging manner. While this will likely make more sense to other writers, I think that all of us have had to deal with toxic travelers at some time or another. Perhaps you picked the wrong travel buddy or got i[...]
Every once in awhile I feel especially inspired to write about my home away from travel. That would be New York City, where I've been based for just over three years now. I've lived in a few different neighborhoods but some of my favorite NYC spots are rather underrated, even among locals.Here are 5 Underrated New York Neighborhoods Worth a Visit 1) SoHo Beyond Broadway I have to specify the[...]
As any avant-garde traveler knows, sometimes it's the most unexpected people that end up teaching us the most important life lessons. This is definitely true for me, which is why I've decided to list the top 5 things I've learned from locals during my travels.1) Over-friendly people aren't necessarily creepyDuring my semester in London, my boss invited me to come to Dublin for their fashio[...]
Those who have been following my three weeks in Bogota are well aware that one of my main motivators for choosing Colombia was to practice my Spanish. For the last several months I've been taking Spanish lessons in Manhattan, struggling to break free of my shy attitude about real-live practice. However, due to a few glitches in my plan, most of my studying has been on my own.Since I'm trying t[...]
Just like Jade, I was a bit behind on the blogger curve. I was nominated by Bobbi of Heels and Wheels before I even knew what the Travel Inspirations chain was all about. This is also my first time participating in one of these blogger chain posts so here is my stab at getting it right. For those still clueless, here's a bit of background on the easyJet initiative.Who: Mickey MouseDespite [...]
I'm sure everyone has heard of the dreaded Middle Child Syndrome. Yet, here I am, whole-heartedly admitting that I am a middle child and in many ways I believe that my birth order has played a significant factor in why I value travel so much. Psychology was one of my majors in college so don't mind me as I delve deeper into my personality and behavioral patterns. This is one of my favorite activit[...]
I'm sure we've all had our moments when we feel misunderstood. I can only speak for myself but I've had many of these moments in the past year alone.Pursuing a career in the arts already puts me at a disadvantage compared to those who have a more stable and safe job. I sometimes feel that my family and friends don't completely understand my life and while I am fully aware that I've taken the r[...]
Before starting Bohemian Trails and pursuing a career in travel writing, I worked a 9-5 job and often found myself craving alone time. I'd leave work and head straight to a concert or fashion event and not arrive to my apartment until after midnight. I'd wake up the next morning and start the same routine. Granted, this routine was exciting but it left little time for...myself.I worked at an i[...]