As much as I love being an avant-garde traveler, there are certain cities that I just don't seem to connect with no matter how hard I try - and they are truly fantastic cities. I'm willing to give these places another shot in the future but as of now, here are 5 cities where I've been hit with a case of "travel block" (my completely just-now made up term for writing block but for travel).1) Am[...]
Someone asked me the other day how many countries I had been to and after thinking for a few minutes, I realized that it was 22. Considering I recently turned 25, I'd say that's not too shabby so before heading out to a few more countries this year, I've made a list of where I've been and included some of my favorite memories.UK and EUROPEEngland: London was my home for a few months in 200[...]
Although Bohemian Trails has been up and running for just over seven months, in the grand sceme of things, I'm still a newby travel writer. I learn new things about the industry every day. This month, it was tourism boards galore.For example, it was only a few months ago that I learned about VEMEX (Visit Europe Media Exchange). So despite emailing the director of the event weeks after registra[...]
(original article from Megan's Travel Column on Life2PointOh, The Boho Life)I’ve decided to look back and feature five European cities that are underrated in my opinion and definitely worth a visit. Ghent, Belgium During my semester studying in London, I made it to Belgium for two quick trips. On our free day, many of the other students opted to take the train to Bruges (the Colin Firth movi[...]