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Neighborhood Guide to Portland

Although I was only in Portland for a few days, I did my best to explore as many neighborhoods as possible. If you've never been to Portland, let's start with some basic orientation to help get your bearings. The city is divided by the Willamette River, with the more walkable neighborhoods on the we[...]

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  • Neighborhood Guide to Helsinki

    Compared to other global cities, Helsinki is relatively small in geographic size and population, making it easily navigated by foot or bike. During my stay in here, I got to know the different neighborhoods fairly well. Each is unique in its own way and adds to the innovative complexity of the city [...]
  • Neighborhood Guide to Oslo

    While there are many neighborhoods in and around Oslo, there are four main areas ideal for travelers interested in global art and culture.City CenterMost travelers visiting Oslo are sure to stay near the city center. The historical center is called Kvadraturen and runs between Akershus Fortr[...]
  • London's West End for the Non-Tourist

    (Original article from Liberty Travel, where Megan wrote a four-part series about London neighborhoods)West London is the main area where tourists flock to during their vacation. While there are many fascinating attractions in these neighborhoods, it’s definitely worth your time to explore some [...]
  • Neighborhood Guide to South London

    (Previous entry from Liberty Travel, where Megan wrote a 4-part series on her favorite London neighborhoods)When people think of London the first things that pop into their minds are major tourist attractions like Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster. They probably aren’t thinking about the less [...]
  • Neighborhood Guide to East London

    (Previous entry from Liberty Travel, where Megan wrote a 4-part series on her favorite London neighborhoods)The East End of London continues to intrigue me. While abroad in London one of the courses I enrolled in was British Broadcasting. It seemed a dream come true when our Welsh professor, who[...]
  • Neighborhood Guide to Santiago

    After spending about two weeks in Santiago, I quickly got a feel for the different neighborhoods that make this South American city so fascinating. Although I didn't know too much about Santiago before arriving in Chile, I was very pleased to learn that the city is actually quite ideal for a bohemia[...]

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Indie Guide to Santiago

Going off of our Neighborhood Guide to Santiago, here is an indie twist for the avant-garde traveler.Bohemian LifestyleFor a truly bohemian experience, I recommend staying in the Brasil neighborhood of Santiago. The area is a bit separate from the city center but if you want a real dose of old style architecture and street art, Brasil is the place to go. The interesting thing about this ne[...]

Festival Guide to Western Norway

We all love a good festival and luckily, Western Norway seems to cover all the cultural bases. Here are five bohemian worthy festivals worth a visit. From food and photography all the way to international jazz, here is your festival fix.Raptus - Annual Comic Book Festival Celebrating its 17th year this year (Sept. 7-9, 2012), Raptus unleashes Bergen's humorous side. The historic streets ar[...]

5 Fanatic Ways to See Vienna

Vienna seems to have it all. Just when I thought I had figured this city out, it throws me for a loop. This is a good thing of course, because it means that no matter what your particular interest is, Vienna has enough to keep you busy and continually curious. I spent three days immersing myself in Viennese culture and I only began to scratch the surface.Here are 5 Fanatical Ways to Visit Vien[...]

Avant-Garde Sightings in Graz

If you haven't heard of Graz before, you are not alone. Before planning my nearly two week trip to Austria, I went back an forth with my representative from Austria Tourism to build an itinerary that matched what I wanted to cover on Bohemian Trails. Our last minute addition of Graz proved to be the perfect representation of Austrian local life.Graz is actually Austria's second largest city bu[...]

Feeling Fabulous in Berlin

Berlin was many things for me but without a doubt the most exciting six hours were spent with undoubtedly the best tour guide I've ever had - the fabulous Henrik Tidefjärd and because he was so cool, I also was able to take part in his awesomeness for a day. Here are a few highlights from our lifestyle-driven tour.Hanging out in KreuzbergStarting off in the punk-heavy neighborhood of Kreuz[...]