A Taste of the Caribbean in New York

One of my goals last year was to visit more destinations in the Caribbean, as that was one area of the globe I hadn't explored much. I'm really glad I set that goal because I discovered three of my (now) favorite destinations: Dominica, Jamaica and Curaçao. All three of these locales exceeded my alr[...]

Boho Guide to Berlin

For years, I've heard nothing but rave reviews from family, friends and fellow bloggers who have traveled or lived in Berlin. Having not made it to the hip city myself until last month, I now realize what all the fuss is about. Berlin is a quintessential avant-garde city that suits all different personality types and interest levels. Here are five boho tips to make your days in Berlin memorable. [...]

Boho Guide to Helsinki

During my trip to Finland I quickly fell in love with everything that Helsinki is - inspiring, bohemian and green. Here is my latest "Boho Guide" for the avant-garde traveler. Whether you have one day in the city or an entire year, these 5 ways will help you see the indie side of Helsinki.1) Kick your Way through TownMy first time on a kickbike proved to be more exciting than I anticipated[...]

Highlights from Finland

My time in Finland was short but sweet and I'm already plotting my return. During my week here, I was able to feel as much like a local as possible. From kickbiking around Helsinki to meeting Santa Claus, here are my top five highlights from the land of the Midnight Sun.Kickbiking Through the CityWhile seeing a city by bus can be relaxing, I much prefer to breathe in the sights and sounds [...]

Cultural Highlights from Germany

Exploring four of Germany's Magic Cities gave me the opportunity to see medieval architecture, detailed stone figures and elements of local life. Here are a few highlights representing global art and culture throughout the country.DresdenAfter sailing along the Elbe River to reach Castle Pillnitz, we visited the Old Masters Picture Gallery where the Sistine Madonna resides along with other[...]

Finnish Nature at its Finest

After a wonderful trip to Norway last February, I had a feeling Finland would be just as inspiring. With lakes, flowers, fields and rainbows making several surprise appearances throughout my trip, I wanted to highlight a few of Finland's natural elements. Here's a look at some landscapes you can expect to see here.Sea - Helsinki is technically a peninsula, meaning that water surrounds the city[...]