As I settle into my new home of San Francisco, I've been finding myself feeling nostalgic for other cities that I've also called home. I'm all about living in the present moment (or, at least, I try to be!) but let's take a walk down memory lane. From my semester abroad in London to my summer in Hong Kong, here are 5 boho cities I had the pleasure to live, work and play. 1) London Crossing the p[...]
A New Year, a New You! That’s how the saying goes, at least, and I plan to make the most of 2016. I’m sure we’re all dreaming of a winter getaway right about now, but the cold won’t last forever! Here are eight countries I’m adding to my travel bucket list this year. Let’s see how many I get to!If you're looking for more wanderlust-worthy places around the globe, check out Rough Guides' top pi[...]
As a travel writing professional, it might seem strange that I'd write a post about how to find wanderlust in everyday life. Yet, even travel writers can suffer from writer's block and other struggles (read my last post). Plus, besides moving to the San Francisco Bay Area earlier this year, I really haven't been traveling much at all. Besides a few trips back and forth to New York, I've mostly bee[...]
Earlier this month I attended the first ever Women's Travel Fest hosted by the lovely Kelly Lewis of Go! Girl Guides. Kelly and I met about two years ago while traveling through Israel and having kept in touch since, it hardly surprised me that she managed to pull something of this great magnitude off like a pro.The all-day festival was appropriately slated to coincide with International Women[...]
This post is by Karina Schroeder, one of our contributors. Bright green fields stretched to my right and left, scattered with small wooden shacks with resting farm animals, drying clotheslines and barbed wire fences. A bright red dirt path stretched in front of me. The air was hot and extremely humid, a combined feeling of refreshing and stifling. There were no cars and no mopeds, only bikes r[...]
After a long but productive day I had come to the realization that I wasn't going to make it out of my apartment as most people my age would on any given Saturday night. In an effort to clear my head a bit, I turned on the television for a few minutes of mindless stimulation. Saturday nights are never particularly good when it comes to show selections, but this night it had hit an all-time low. [...]
This post is by emily Banyard, one of our contributors.Like many Australians, my foray into travel started off as a ‘gap year’. A rite of passage - ‘gappers’ take time off between/after High school or University and journey as many places as possible usually on a shoestring.Late 2008 after finishing college in Sydney, I booked a three month return ticket to London with the intention of vis[...]
This post is by David VanArsdale, one of our contributors. I don’t understand the people who buy express passes at amusement parks. They pay extra to skip the lines and walk straight to the roller coasters. Yes, waiting in those zig-zagging lines sucks. Yes, you’re sweating so much that your underwear is sticking to your ass. But I’d argue that your ass sweat and the long lines are all part of th[...]
(article from Megan's Travel Column, Weekly Wanders on Life2PointOh)A lot of doors have opened and closed for me in the past two years bringing me to what I would now describe as a pre-quarter life crisis. It all started a week after I graduated from college when I decided to pack up my life and head to the Big Apple. With no job, no contacts, no friends and just enough savings to live in stud[...]
I recently read an article about a honeymoon gone awry. Two newlyweds began a three month honeymoon/backpacking trip through South America and after only a few weeks into their trip, they decided to travel separately. Although they had been together for four years before tying the knot, it had only taken a few weeks in another continent to unravel the thread holding them together.The couple me[...]
There are two types of people in this world. The people that avoid chaos and the people who thrive in it. I'm clearly the latter since I find comfort being in large, loud and overly crowded cities and feel strangely anxious in "normal" living conditions. Yet, at my core the things I love most are wide open spaces, water and a song to sing. What I'm trying to get at is that there is nothing wrong w[...]
This post is by David VanArsdale, one of our contributors. When you’re a traveler, you meet “interesting” people. I like putting that word in quotes, because if you’ve been backpacking before, you know that “interesting” can mean a lot of different things.During my journey through Southeast Asia in 2010, I would sometimes wonder “What’s interesting about me?” Compared to some of the charac[...]