It's not everyday that you get to chat with your favorite fiction writer but that's exactly what happened when I decided to reach out to Alexandra Potter on Twitter a few weeks ago. I was in the middle of reading one of her books, You're The One That I Don't Want, and was in near hysterics at a particular moment in the story. I decided to tweet how much I was enjoying the book and a few minutes la[...]
May has flown by much faster than I expected. This time last year I was just leaving a thrilling month in Colombia and gearing up for a trip to Israel and Palestine. This time around, I'm still managing to find adventures right in my own backyard. Here's what I've been up to lately.Kicking my Summer into GearClearly, someone had a little too much fun here. I couldn't help but to jump up an[...]
The holidays never fail to lift my spirits. There's something so beautiful about Christmas lights reflecting off snow-covered streets and sipping warm, hot-chocolate as I gaze outside my apartment window. I'm not as crazy about all the commercial hoopla pushed down our throat but I understand that like every industry, the holidays is a business and I just need to accept it for what it is. That bei[...]
Only in the life of a travel writer would a month staying in one place seem strange. Yet, in the past six months alone, I've been out of the country more than I've been in my cozy East Village apartment. Perhaps the most painful part of that is that I've never stopped paying rent. But I really have little to complain about and despite my extensive travels this year, I've found myself craving more [...]
It's rare that I choose to enter a blogger contest, mainly because I'm perfectly happy sticking to my bohemian musings yet here I am, racking my brain for a reason not to give it a "Go with Oh" shot. When I first took a look at the ten cities offered during the winner's one month stay in Europe, my lips curled in the slightest hint of a smile as memories flooded to the surface of my mind.Nearl[...]
As it turned out, my 26th birthday (Nov. 1) was nothing I expected but everything I needed. In the few days before my big day, New York and its surrounding areas would undergo a hurricane much fiercer than it's soft-sounding name might suggest.Despite being an avenue and a half away from the massive waves plundering into Alphabet City, the worst my East Village apartment underwent was a lot of[...]
Although Bohemian Trails has been up and running for just over seven months, in the grand sceme of things, I'm still a newby travel writer. I learn new things about the industry every day. This month, it was tourism boards galore.For example, it was only a few months ago that I learned about VEMEX (Visit Europe Media Exchange). So despite emailing the director of the event weeks after registra[...]
November is one of my favorite months here in New York but as anyone living here will tell you, it flies by fast. Since I'm not currently traveling like some of my fellow bloggers - Leave Your Daily Hell, Wake and Wander and theplanetd just to name a few - I've been keeping myself preoccupied with all that New York City has to offer a wandering bohemian.Here's what I've been up to the past few[...]
After a summer spent in DC, South America and then Mexico, mid-October marked the time for me to return to the city I fell in love with: New York. Spending the summer away from the hustle & bustle of city life was harder than I imagined. When I wasn't traveling abroad, I was finding any excuse to visit the city. Much to my embarrassment, I even found myself missing the days when I would wander[...]
As I was happily tweeting Saturday morning I switched over to Facebook for literally one second and saw that someone had posted three small but devastating words: RIP Amy Winehouse. I immediately assumed it was a joke. After all, only a few weeks ago #RIPNickiMinaj was trending on twitter and we all know she is alive and well.So I googled Amy Winehouse and there it was on Wikipedia - her D.O.D[...]
Yesterday marked the first ever Nomading Film Festival, taking place at Hostelling International on the Upper West Side. It's been just over six months since my last major adventure, which involved a pretty enlightening trip throughout Egypt, and I had a feeling that watching films of people traveling would inspire me to start making films myself. While I was certainly inspired, I couldn't help fe[...]