This post is by Kay Boatner, one of our contributors.Where in the World?For a variety of reasons including work, family, depressing bank account statements and lack of frequent flyer miles, most of us don’t have the luxury of unlimited time and money for travel. Meaning we’ve got to get picky when it comes to planning our next trip and make the most of our short sojourns.So how should [...]
This post is by Kay Boatner, one of our contributors. For statesiders not in the know, Cambridge is the quintessential picturesque college town. Think Princeton with more British accents, and fewer Jersey drawls. (No GTL’ing here, kids.)When I think of college, I think of food—whether it be the over-the-top dining hall brunch every Sunday, the Chinese take-out that was inevitably ordered o[...]
This post is by Kay Boatner, one of our contributors. During my trip to the Pacific Northwest I made sure to balance out my eating with a little outdoor exercise. Making the most of the spectacular mountains, oceans and parks, I partook in a little hiking and camping. Thank goodness I did or I’d weigh roughly 20 pounds more—but when asked about my West Coast vacation, I found that most of the [...]
This post is by Kay Boatner, one of our contributors.Most people go to the Pacific Northwest to make the most of their spectacular surroundings. Mountains, oceans and parks aplenty afford for fabulous outdoor experiences. I went to the Pacific Northwest to eat.Here are my top 5 recommended restaurants for any travel foodie:Old Town Pizza: I won’t lie to you—a lot of Old Town’s appeal i[...]
This post is by Kay Boatner, one of our contributors.I blame Hostel.You know, the gory 2005 movie about two kids named Paxton and Josh, and their fellow backpackers traveling around Europe that meet a rather disgusting end in a Slovak—you guessed it—hostel.Until recently, the only hostel I had ever stayed in was in Europe. It didn’t even occur to me to book one on a recent trip, as I w[...]
This post is by Kay Boatner, one of our contributors.The Oregon coastline does its damndest to put other American beaches to shame. The state’s sandy stretches easily stand up to many of the other oceanic views I’ve been lucky enough to take in during my lifetime. The Outer Banks—you’ve got competition.All of the following spots are just off of Highway 101 and a little over an hour’s drive[...]