Bohemian Trails is blog designed for the savvy and stylish traveler. I have a love for off the beaten path destinations, as I tend to find beauty in untraditional people, places and things. Bohemian Trails aims to feature must-see places around the world, paying special attention to the underground art, music and fashion scenes that make each country unique. As a 20 something traveler, I full understand the importance of sticking to a budget and I do my best to offer travel tips for my fellow bohemians. I hope to instill confidence in travelers young and old and encourage them to let their wandering hearts lead them to where they are meant to go.

How and why I started Bohemian Trails

Before we dive into the bulk of my travel tips, I wanted to briefly discuss how and why I started Bohemian Trails. About two years after moving to New York City, the record label I was working for did another round of layoffs and yours truly got the axe. Of course, most of us saw this coming from previous layoffs but still, being unemployed at 24 years old in one of the most expensive cities in the world was not ideal. Life most things in life, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I decided to combine my two passions – writing and traveling – and started Bohemian Trails. Since then, it’s been one memorable adventure after another. While my posts range from urban guides to soft adventure tips, I enjoy writing most about neighborhoods, street art and cultural ways to explore a destination without breaking the bank. My hope is that everyone who decides to reads this blog gets a step closer to discovering their own trail of inspiration.

How my lifestyle is possible

If you’ve ever wondered how and why a freelance travel writer would live in New York, believe me, you are not alone. I often wonder this myself and yet, I’ve always managed to “make it” in the concrete jungle. In fact, I’ve never even subletted my apartment during any of my trips. There are a few ways that I make money while at home and abroad. Here’s a quick breakdown.


I don’t make a lot of money blogging but it does contribute to a portion of my income. I reject about 80% of advertising requests, not because I don’t want the money but because I only believe in writing articles that benefit my readers. I do accept a few branded content posts which always include a brief disclaimer at the end and are almost always written by me. I also have a few banner ads reserved for travel companies that are relevant to my readership and I sometimes, although very rarely, promote travel competitions via Bohemian Trails and across my social media channels. Finally, I’ve started doing a few editorial partnerships with companies like Ouidad, Wired Magazine and Marriott Hotels that primarily require me to guest post on their blogs and lightly promote these posts on social media. I find these the most beneficial, as I’m gaining casting a wider net and making some money in the process. Finally, I do participate in media tips where tourism boards fund my travel through their destination. On one occasion thus far, I was also paid a per diem for this blogging commitment.

*Freelance Writing

Writing is not exactly the same profession it was twenty years ago but it’s still a viable form of income. Right now I write for three different in-flight magazines in addition to several online outlets like Fodor’s (blog and NYC guidebook), Lonely PlanetUSA TodayTravel+Escape and Viator to name a few. I’m also a contributing editor at Chilled Magazine and To & From Magazine. The rest of my outlets and writing samples can be viewed here. When I first started breaking into the freelance writing scene I stuck mainly to fashion pieces and I did so for free. That’s pretty typical for new writers but I have not written pro-bono in about three years. I do make more money as a freelance writer than as a blogger but not by much. I really value my regular outlets and the editors that I now have standing relationships with because researching ideas and pitching them is extremely time consuming. It definitely helps to have a firm grasp on the publication’s readership before sending along ideas.

*Social Media Consulting

In all honesty, this is where the bulk of my income comes from. I’ve served as a social media specialist on various capacities including full-time work, part-time work and as a consultant. A few companies I’ve worked with include Wind-up RecordsHearstWeHostels and Sonia’s Travels. Most of the time, this work can be done on the road. After all, I manage the social media for Bohemian Trails from wherever I am, so why shouldn’t I be able to manage other profiles as well? I find this work both interesting and extremely useful to running my own brand. As a social media professional for other companies, I’m required to stay up to date on social trends and this ultimately helps me further establish Bohemian Trails as a reputable travel resource.

*Copywriting/other assignments

The fourth and final portion of my income comes from a combination of copywriting and special projects. For example, I’ve done copywriting for bit companies like Conde Nast and The New York Times but I’ve also worked with start-ups both here and abroad. Copywriting is something I sort of stumbled into but I thoroughly enjoy this work because I find it both stimulating and challenging. I’ve also taken on a few assignments here and there. Some are form AFAR Media where I serve as a brand Ambassador, a local expert for New York City and a Special Correspondent.

My work has been featured in the following outlets. 


My Lifestyle Magazine * GO Magazine * up! Magazine (WestJet airlines) * in-lan Magazine (LAN airlines)
Wild Junket * To & From * Abroad Travel Magazine

Online Travel

Lonely Planet * USA TODAY * Huffington Post * Gadling * Viator * Fodor’s * AFAR * Travel & Escape
Travel Squire * Matador Network * BootsnAll * GoNomad * famtripper

Online Lifestyle

Bustle * Business Insider * typeF * Socially Superlative * Scallywag & Vagabond

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  2. Renuka December 7, 2013  1:57 pm Reply

    This is just to inform you that my comment did not go through on your blog. Could you please check the spam folder? Thanks.
    Kind regards

    • Megan Eileen McDonough December 7, 2013  6:10 pm Reply

      It did for some reason but it shouldn't anymore :) Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Crystal December 11, 2013  2:52 pm Reply

    I recently came across an article you did on DR. I am in the process of planning a destination wedding and I am looking for a place that has aalot to offer outside of the resorts. How was your experience off of the resort at Punta Cana. Can you also weigh in on the following locations:
    Virgin Islands

    • Megan Eileen McDonough December 11, 2013  3:28 pm Reply

      Hi Crystal! I'm so glad you stumbled upon my DR post. I really enjoyed the Barcelo property there and my excursion with Higuey Adventures. We went very off the beaten path and met many nice locals. As for the other destinations, I haven't been there...yet!

  4. Rebecca January 6, 2014  7:34 am Reply

    I hope you’re well!
    I run a site called the Bloggers’ Lounge. We primarily help bloggers increase their following, plus we give loads of advice and interview bloggers! I wanted to give you a heads up that we are also now helping bloggers work with brands. We’ll have loads of exciting opportunities coming up over the next 12 months and we’d love you to sign up- you can do so by filling in the sidebar form on our site.
    How does this sound?! Any questions just let me know, and you can keep up to date by following @Blogger_Lounge!
    All the best,

    • Megan Eileen McDonough January 7, 2014  5:12 pm Reply

      Hi Rebecca, feel free to email me directly: megan (at) bohemiantrails (dot) com. Cheers.

  5. Sana September 30, 2014  3:12 pm Reply

    Gorgeous site, check out www shopnepenthe com for amazing boho clothing to go with you all in your incredible adventures! xoxoxo

  6. Laura Feinstein October 18, 2014  12:30 am Reply

    ahhh I thought I was signing up for the mailing list ..:/

  7. Beatrice Trang November 17, 2014  12:46 pm Reply

    Hey Megan!

    We spoke at Spark Session, about how I had a google + account attached to my youtube, and I wasn't sure how to delete it. So I found out why and I thought I'd let you know anyways. So a while back youtube implemented google + pages to every youtube account. The pages are not deletable after 14 days of launching one. I must have went click happy and not know i had a page for a while. So yeah, I'm stuck with it, but Im deciding to just do what I can to make use of it as your seminar explained. Just wanted to ask though, is there much of a difference between a profile and page?

  8. Laurence February 11, 2015  4:34 pm Reply

    great blog with a lot of interesting articles. I'd like to know if you have a section that explains how to make a living out of writing/How you got your freelance jobs.
    I'm a young writer (french) and I'd love to move from ordinary journalism to travel writing.


    • Megan Eileen McDonough February 11, 2015  5:48 pm Reply

      Hi Laurence, thanks for reaching out! Most of that is outlined on this page but if you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at megan ((at) bohemiantrails (dot) com for a more extensive consultation or one-on-one coaching.

  9. Nancy May 6, 2015  11:02 am Reply

    Hi Megan,

    I work for Skudin Surf located in Long Beach and Rockaway, Queens we offer surf lessons and camps for kids and adults.

    I would like to offer you the opportunity to come visit us and take a surf lesson or join our adult surf camp.

  10. Ian James July 10, 2015  5:51 pm Reply

    I just came across Bohemian Trails (the bit about getting bigger pants so you could eat more comfortably in Italy is so painfully awesome) and I was wondering if you'd be interested in reviewing a travel book I'd written called Teakettle Mountain, which is the first in a series about living and working in South Korea. I can send the book as an .epub, .mobi, .pdf, or any format you'd prefer. Thank you for your time,

  11. Elyse B. July 30, 2015  1:14 pm Reply

    Awesome thank you so much! Can you go ahead and delete my previous post then and I will email you directly :)

  12. Josh camp August 11, 2015  9:56 pm Reply

    Hi there
    I'm doing a couple of months work in quebec city and was wondering where would be a central 'hip' suburb to stay in ?
    I want to be extremely close to good cafes, bars and restaurants!
    thanks for your help !

    • Megan Eileen McDonough August 18, 2015  6:17 am Reply

      Sounds like an amazing experience! This post should help your search: http://www.bohemiantrails.com/neighborhood-guide-to-quebec-city/

  13. Jo November 18, 2015  2:30 pm Reply

    Great site!


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