5 Reasons to Visit the Guinness Factory

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner so Dublin has been on my mind recently. Ireland is an ideal country to visit year-round but visiting the famous Guinness Factory is a must for any avant-garde traveler.

Here are 5 Reasons to Visit the Guinness Factory:

1) This is the Real Deal

The first time I tasted a Guinness was back in college and my initial reactions were not positive. However, when I was in Dublin in 2008, I actually enjoyed the taste of Guinness. Whether you are at the factory or at a local pub, you won’t have to worry about bad-tasting brew. Guinness drinking means serious business to Dubliners.

Image: AaronPhelps/Flickr 

2) Learn the Perfect Pour

Whether you are a beer fan or not, by the time you leave the factory, you will be well-versed in the art of Guinness brewing. Take advantage of the educational aspects of the tour and learn the art of the perfect pour. Just don’t be surprised when you see your local bartender back home pouring Guinness incorrectly.

With Guinness Brew Master, Fergal Murray last year. 

3) The View is Free and Fabulous

If you are looking for the best view of Dublin, the view from the top level bar comes pretty close to perfect. The circular bar is lined with windows, giving you a 360 degree view of Ireland’s capital city.

4) It’s the Perfect Pre-game

If you are on a bohemian traveler budget, the Guinness Factory is the perfect pre-game. There are a few samples given out on your way to the top level and when you to reach the top, you are rewarded with a free full-sized beer. It’s also a great spot to meet other travelers.

My trip to the Guinness Factory in  February 2008

5) Order Another the Right Way

Once you have a good Guinness you will want another. Go straight to a nearby pub and order Ireland’s best selling drink like a true Dubliner by using the local slang: “Arthur G”, “Arthur Scargill”, “Pint of black stuff” or “Pint of plain”.

Planning a future trip to Ireland? There are several hotels in Dublin that you can easily book and that are centrally located to the city center.

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  1. EurotripTips March 7, 2012  4:31 pm Reply

    I loved the Guinness Storehouse. Not a stout fan myself, but I did appreciate learning more about the beer-making process and the particular history of Guinness - including the 9,000 year lease on the building!
    EurotripTips recently posted..Exploring the Medieval Village of BesaluMy Profile

  2. Alexa Meisler March 7, 2012  4:47 pm Reply

    There's a right way of pouring Guinness? Does that make the beer taste better or not? Lol great post! It's always a great idea to learn everything where it originally took place. Especially beer ;)
    Alexa Meisler recently posted..Roland’s Epic Adventures: Belmont ParkMy Profile

  3. Ross March 8, 2012  12:48 am Reply

    Never tried a Guinness. Maybe I will for St. Patricks Day this year. Too bad it won't be at the factory.
    Ross recently posted..Authentic Thai FoodMy Profile

  4. Claire March 8, 2012  1:08 am Reply

    Oh I've been and the view is fantastic! I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Will have to have a Guinness on St. Patricks Day!
    Claire recently posted..Astronomical Clock PragueMy Profile

  5. Laurence March 8, 2012  5:14 am Reply

    Loved the factory on both occasions I've visited. The bar at the end, as you say, has a fabulous view, and the freshest Guinness in the world! Always a good time!
    Laurence recently posted..Dealing with bed bugs when travellingMy Profile

  6. Fared March 8, 2012  11:16 am Reply

    When you are in Camberwell, SE5, London pop into the Old Dispensary Irish Bar. We've got the shortest lines in London (distance between keg and tap) and Guinness themselves have given us 5/5 for our lovely creamy Guinness. ;)

  7. Leah March 8, 2012  9:00 pm Reply

    This is such a timely post. I'm off to Dublin in three weeks and Guinness is on my itinerary. I'm glad to know that it's totally worth visiting.
    Leah recently posted..Up Ship Creek in New ZealandMy Profile

  8. Andrew March 9, 2012  5:17 am Reply

    I did that and the Jameson factory when I was in Dublin. The view is really great with the sample Guiness pours, but I liked the tour and museum of the Jameson factory better.
    Andrew recently posted..Planning for Europe – Indie Travel ChallengeMy Profile

  9. Red Hunt March 10, 2012  2:47 am Reply

    I have to admit that until this past year I rarely ordered Guinness. But I've grown to really enjoy it and would love to visit the factory in Dublin, what a fun place!
    Red Hunt recently posted..Quran at Alâeddin Mosque, TurkeyMy Profile

    • Megan March 10, 2012  8:14 am Reply

      After drinking Guinness in Dublin I've changed my viewpoint on it - I used to hate drinking Guinness but it has grown on me!
      Megan recently posted..Delicious Foods from NorwayMy Profile

  10. Lyka Ricks March 13, 2012  1:53 am Reply

    If ever I have that luxury of time to visit Ireland, I would love to taste that and have my own record. Chill!

  11. Britany Robinson March 13, 2012  2:31 pm Reply

    Did they show you how to make a shamrock on top? I'm a bartender and I'm so glad someone showed me how to properly pour a Guinness, especially since I work near Times Square and we get a lot of European traffic. I still need to learn the sharmrock though!
    Britany Robinson recently posted..One Thing with Megan McDonoughMy Profile

  12. Alfonso castillo April 1, 2012  5:14 pm Reply

    I was in 2011 And i am so agree with you the view is the best, the tour is golf And the beer is the best

  13. Brandon April 1, 2012  8:56 pm Reply

    Daamn what is she wearing??? Shes wearing it right

  14. Jade - OurOyster.com April 2, 2012  3:06 am Reply

    I didn't enjoy Guiness before going to the factory either... Its amazing how having the freshest stuff can really change your perspectives
    Jade - OurOyster.com recently posted..Budget Travel In SamoaMy Profile

  15. Em@Philippine Travel May 27, 2012  5:10 am Reply

    Wow. I must add guiness factory on the list of places that I should visit.


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